StorageCraft ImageManager

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Take charge of your backups—near-line, offsite, and in the cloud—for better business continuity.

StorageCraft® ImageManager lets you manage your backup image files created with StorageCraft ShadowProtect® or StorageCraft ShadowProtect SPX best-in-class disaster recovery technology. StorageCraft ImageManager is free and provides continual backup image verification and local replication.

Additionally, this management software features consolidation and retention. If you’re an IT administrator who schedules continuous incremental backups, you need this software to effectively maintain and manage the accumulated backup image files and the storage space they use.

StorageCraft ImageManager collapses the incremental files into daily, weekly, monthly, and “rolling” files, which reduces the length of the backup chain needed for a recovery. StorageCraft ImageManager also offers the ability to replicate remotely and pre-stage a recovery—these features make your organization truly disaster resistant.

Features and benefits of StorageCraft ImageManager

Verify Backups


  • Verify the integrity of your backup image files and chains to ensure they’re in a known good state for fast and reliable recovery (note that if verification fails, backup images won’t be consolidated, retained, or replicated)
  • Define if and how frequently backup image files are automatically verified and re-verified
  • Configure verification actions to be the same for all managed folders (of backup images) or configure specific verification actions for each managed folder
  • Manage how computer processing resources are used during verification functions

Consolidate Backups


  • Reduce restoration time, risk of backup-file corruption, and needed storage space by automatically consolidating continuous-incremental backup image files
  • Consolidate these continuous-incremental backup image files into daily, weekly, and monthly files to reduce the length of the backup image chain
  • Roll up multiple monthly consolidated files to further shorten the backup image chain


  • Minimize the storage space your backups use by managing the retention policies for continuous-incremental and consolidated backup image files
  • Balance restoration granularity and storage consumption by managing the retention of continuous-incremental and consolidated backup image files
  • Manage backup image file cleanup for all managed folders (of backup images) on a network by setting global retention policies
  • Override global settings to configure a retention policy for a particular managed folder (of backup images)
  • Set different retention policies for backup images replicated locally versus replicated offsite (see Premium Features and Their Benefits)

Backup Notification

Notification and Monitoring

  • Enable email notification for backup operation failures, warnings, agent inactivity, and diminishing storage space so you know what’s going on with your backups
  • Browse a historical record of backup image file creation by date and time to see general information about the file
  • See a managed folder’s used and free space as a percentage, in gigabytes, and also in a pie chart

Throttling and Concurrent Processing

  • Manage the network bandwidth StorageCraft ImageManager uses to transfer backup images to a remote site (restrict usage during peak business hours, and throttle up after closing)
  • Control how much central processing unit (CPU) time StorageCraft ImageManager can use to do its work
  • Control the number of backup image folders, replication jobs, and recovery jobs to be processed at the same time for max efficiency

Local Replication

  • Create redundant copies of backup image files
  • Save backup image copies to a locally attached USB hard drive
  • Avoid transferring unnecessary or obsolete backup image files

Network Replication

  • With StorageCraft intelligentFTP® technology, create redundant copies of backup image files to a local or wide area network share (LAN, WAN)
  • Set your LAN or WAN replication target to be a network server, VMware ESX server, BDR appliance, or network-attached storage (NAS)
  • Avoid transferring unnecessary or obsolete backup image files

Offsite Replication

  • Use either StorageCraft intelligentFTP or StorageCraft ShadowStream® technology to send copies of backup image files to a remote server, co-location facility, or a data center (note that ShadowStream requires a license fee)
  • Replicate incremental files offsite while populating and shipping a base backup image on a drive
  • Avoid transferring unnecessary or obsolete backup image files

StorageCraft Cloud Offsite Replication

  • Use the StorageCraft intelligentFTP technology job license to replicate encrypted backup image files to the StorageCraft Cloud (you must have a StorageCraft Cloud Services account)
  • Replicate incremental files offsite while populating and shipping a base backup image on a drive
  • Avoid transferring unnecessary or obsolete backup image files

Headstart Restore


  • With StorageCraft HeadStart Restore® technology, you can pre-stage a recovery: start a restore operation to a virtual machine while the original production server continues to run
  • Finalize the HeadStart Restore operation by applying the original production server’s final incremental backup to the pre-staged virtual machine
  • Migrate or restore a server to the virtual machine in the time it would take to reboot your server (because your recovery is pre-staged)


StorageCraft ImageManager doesn’t require you to purchase a license to use it. However, in order to install the software, you will need to accept an End User License Agreement.

ShadowStream Licensing

To use ShadowStream with StorageCraft ImageManager, you need to purchase jobs. When you purchase jobs, you receive a product serial number, which may contain one or more job licenses. You can assign these job licenses to the same or different computers, and you can move them between computers as needed.

Supported Environments

StorageCraft ImageManager runs on most Microsoft Windows operating systems, but we recommend using a Windows Server operating system. (Please be aware that StorageCraft ImageManager 6 will not work on Windows 2000).

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